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March News

Arrangements are in progress for the following 2012 matches:
Sergio Scarpetta – Ron King GAYP World Title Match
Erika Rosso – Amangul Berdiyeva GAYP World Title Ladies Match

Richard Beckwith wins 11-man Ballot National Tournament in Greensboro, NC on Feb. 17-19. He now can challenge Alex Moiseyev for 11-man World Title, with match to be tentatively played in early July in Cleveland area. Mike Ross won the Majors Division at the 11-Man National.

The "King Me" film (ThinkMedia Studios) will show at the Cleveland Film Festival on March 27, 28, 29. http://www.clevelandfilm.org/festival/films/2012/king-me

We still await official word on the 2012 World Mind Sports Games. There is a tentative plan for 9th - 23rd August, with Lille Grand Palais (Lille, France) the venue. http://www.lillegrandpalais.com