When visiting the Bemidji area in Northern Minnesota, there are plenty of resorts, or places to stay as there are lakes to fish.  A favorite lake to fish is Hattie Lake.  This lake is nestled back by Paul Bunyan State Forest, surrounded by beautiful pine trees, and unique white bark, birch trees.  In Hattie Lake, with patience, you will find an array of fish species.  Some pack a punch and fight, while others might be a little more subdued.  Hattie Lake is definitely a lake where memories can be made and fishing stories will be formed.  Make sure to bring a camera to capture these priceless family moments.

Some brief information about Hattie Lakeā€¦
Located in Hubbard County
About 25 miles from Bemidji, approximately 30 minutes
Elongated Sizeable Lake
Packed with an array of fish species

Click link for a county map showing Hattie Lake
Once you have clicked on the link go to Hubbard County then find the coordinates of B2 and you will find Hattie Lake.


A beautiful picture of Hattie Lake at sunset


A view of the lake through the trees along your
drive down to the dock and fishing access.