Shinedown & Get Glue Promotion
With the release of SOMEWHERE IN THE STRATOSPHERE. SHINEDOWN has teamed up with GET GLUE for a special promotion!
Check in with Get Glue to earn exclusive stickers and enter for a chance to win.
Five lucky users who have earned the fan sticker will be selecter at random to win an autographed copy.


Somewhere in The Stratosphere Avaliable Now!!
It's here!
Somewhere in The Stratosphere is avaliable now!
If you haven't ordered your copy yet, make sure you do soon!
For those purchasing your copy at Walmart, there are two versions.


Somewhere in The Stratosphere- Internation Release Info
HHHHHHHEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Shinedown fans! - as most of you know TODAY our double disc DVD/CD will be released and I wanted to let all of our International fans know how you can get some LIVE SHINEDOWN ACTION! Below is a list of territories that are releasing it.


Palladia TV Airing Shinedown Live in Washington
Starting next Tuesday May 3rd, Palladia TV will be airing Live In Washington.
Full schedule is below. Also don't forget Somewhere in The Stratosphere is avaliable everywhere next Tuesday May 3rd!