Welcome to the Island Hopping Campaigns website, where we detail the campaigns of the same name during the heated and tense time of World War II, lasting from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945, just over six years. We have five main pages for you, the viewer to explore. The pages are as follows:
Under the Leaders of the Campaigns page, we highlight a few of the many brave men and women who, as major players in the Pacific theater of World War II, led our soldiers from one island to the next with biographies, facts and the stories that made them stand out from all the rest.

With the Vehicles and Weaponry page, we provide information on how our boys were outfitted for the most trying and grueling battles. Everything from personal or military issued weapons to the kind of clothing and armor they wore and the things they carried with them can be found here, along with facts and details on how they were used.

On the Tactics page, we enlighten our viewers to the reason why the Island Hopping Campaigns became so important to the effort in World War II. We also explain some tactics used on the sandy battlefields during the frays and how either side would trump the other.

Showcased in the Maps and Routes, we take a vivid look at how each island was approached and taken to pave the way to mainland Japan and the end of the war. It is also here that maps can be seen in full detail of the chosen routes they took as they conquered one small island after the other.

Last and certainly not least is the Major Battles page, where ample information on the most pivotal battles can be found. The raising of the flag over Iwo Jima and the Battle of Midway are also detailed here.


Please take the time to look over everything to gain a better perspective of the grand scope of the Pacific Theater, as each page serves its own purpose to better explain and enlighten viewers like you on the broad scope of this important, never-to-be-forgotten War to End All Wars.