A Little Bit About Me

I have always had a love for the camera, wildlife, flowers, nature, children and families, sunrises
and sunsets and everything about it. Creating things has been a lifelong passion for me and the
more creative I can be, the more fun I have in what I am creating. Alot of my ideas come from the heart and it is nothing for me to suddenly sketch out an idea I have or grab my camera and catch
a shot.

Over the last few years, my love for these things continued to grow and led me to Dakota County Technical College where I was able to obtain A.A.S. degrees in Graphic Design Technology, Multimedia and Web Page Design and Electronic Publishing. I have also taken a couple of photography classes and attended a workshop where we spent an entire weekend taking pictures along the North Shore in Northern Minnesota in the fall, during the peak of the color season.

I have found the more challenging a project, the more I enjoy working on it and watching as it
grows and develops. As you explore the creations I have included, you may have questions or a
desire to learn more about a particular project, so please feel free to contact me. I will answer all
of your questions as quickly as I can. Enjoy and have a great day!