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Six planets now aligned in the dawn more

Friday, May 20th - Sauk Rapids MN stargazing here for more details

Mike is in Arizona right now on an Astrophotography safari...look for new photos soon!!

Mike Lynch's Starwatch

Minnesota Starwatch book cover

Purchase Mike's book Starwatch for more in-depth information about the night skies, wonderful photos and stories, star maps and more. Mike Lynch's Starwatch is available for the following states: Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York. New England, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, and Washington State.
Published by Voyageur Press, St. Paul, MN
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Welcome to your Universe!!

Did you know you can see a galaxy 2½ million light-years away with your unaided eyes? Craters on the Moon with binoculars? Countless wonders await you any clear night. The first step is simply to look up and ask, "What's that?" When you do, you're taking the first step toward a lifetime of cosmic exploration and enjoyment.

Mike Lynch has been fascinated by the stars his entire life, inspired by the moon landing in 1968. He has been teaching amateur astromony classes in the Upper Midwest since 1973, making astronomy fun, accessible and easy to understand. Let Mike take you on a tour of the night sky, so you can make the stars your old friends too.

Mike and his telescope

Mike and his "Big Daddy" telescope in Arizona.

Illustration of the constellation OrionWhat's in the night sky this month?

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Astrophoto of the Month

The Orion Nebula

This is a picture of the Orion Nebula Mike took in Portal, Arizona. It's a giant cloud of hydrogen gas about 1500 light years away from Earth and over 25 light years in diameter. The Orion Nebula is the birthplace of hundreds of brand new stars, some of which light up the gas cloud like a giant neon light.