Henry Swaray Jr

Brief Info

  My name is Henry I am 18 years old. I am a human and a casual novelist.


  • I am from Canada
  • Favorite girl band is Fifth Harmony
  • Favorite band is Foo Fighters


  • Pop Culture Fanatic
  • Maps
  • Creative Writing
  • Cross Country


     I grew up in Ontario and Quebec. I moved to Minnesota in 2016 and went to Jordan public schools. Ive   been writing comics ans stories since early primary school. I lived in cities big and small, though I live in a   small town.


     A persistant speculator who envisions the future through storytelling. First generation homelander. The   master of procastination.

   I have a wide range of interests. One day I could listen to Ed Sheeran and the next day, Dua Lipa. I operate   around pop culture and history.