About Me

Barry Faba


Software developer with extensive experience and education in technical roles. Innovative architect, quality developer, proficient problem solver. Effective when communicating with team members, customers, and other groups. Strengths include UNIX/Linux and Windows development with emphasis on interprocess communication, multiprocessor environments, device drivers, and user interface design. Ability to work in both team and individual development environments. US Army, 74F20 Computer Programmer, Honorable. US citizen.


  1. Dell Compellent logo Dell Compellent Corporation

    Senior Software Engineer

    • Designed, coded, tested and maintained an OASIS standard Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) client / OpenSSL interface for the Dell Compellent Storage Center to any KMIP-compliant key management server, allowing the storing, retrieval, modification, display and migration of cryptographic objects stored on those servers (C++)
    • Designed, coded, tested and maintained a Java-based KMIP-oriented cryptographic key manager server using OpenSSL, used for key and certificate generation, object storage, maintenance and searches, incorporating a Swing graphical user interface, 1.3M SLOC (Java, BouncyCastle, eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans)
    • Designed, coded, tested and maintained a feature for the Storage Center to transfer cryptographic objects between key manager servers, regardless of vendor or model, facilitating upgrades and crypto object distribution (C++)
    • Designed, coded, and tested a local key management feature for the Storage Center as a customer cost-control alternative, without compromising data security (C++)
    • Designed, coded, tested and maintained a key/certificate verification addition to KMIP client to proactively validate keys, client certificates and CA certificate bundles (C++)
    • Provide support and enhancements for IO verification test software (C++, Java, Maven, IntelliJ)
    • From 2005 to 2010, sole troubleshooter for inhouse and customer incidents: determining root cause, design and code fixes or workarounds (C++)
    • Maintenance engineer for DiskManager product (C++), determine problem cause and solution, design test cases (Java) to demonstrate solution
    • Provided in-person crash analysis for other engineers. Decode intact or corrupted corefiles and provide initial analysis (x86 Assembler, C++) Published guide to crash analysis for other engineers
    • Designed, coded, tested and delivered SQL queries and C# modules for analyzing the Compellent customer configuration/statistics/performance database, for support & engineering personnel, for the prediction and analysis of customer problems (SQL, C#)
    • Published guides to cryptographic keys and certificates, how to use OpenSSL and/or Java keytool to generate, manipulate, and store keys or X509 certificates
    • Added QLogic firmware manipulation features and other functions to iSCSI target driver (C++)
    • Designed, coded, and tested a compression process for reducing the size of exception core images during fault processing, to fit into a limited capacity flash-based file system (eCos) (C++)

  2. Xiotech logo Xiotech Corporation

    Software Engineer (Independent Contractor)

    • Small team member providing continuation and new development for the Magnitude 3D SAN product
    • Created automated test software scripts for Resync product (support for remote volumes) (Perl)
    • Redesigned, coded, tested and released an improved FibreChannel fabric discovery processing and enhanced performance of SATA enclosure services (SES) functions (Intel i960 Assembler, C, C++)

  3. Candle logo Candle Corporation

    Software Developer

    • Team member developing CandleNet eBusiness Platform (eBP) (C, C++)
    • Developed and enhanced three releases of eBP Application Manager, used for managing and monitoring cross-platform applications (C++)
    • Developed multi-client/multi-server traffic test tools (Unix/NT command line or GUI-driven) for customer use (C++, Java)
    • Developed easy-to-use remote application problem analysis tools for end users (C++)
    • Developed inline service compression feature for MQSeries/MSMQ messages (C++)