Brian Aamot


One of my interests/hobbies is classic cars.  I grew up around classic cars, with my dad owning several and taking me to car shows when I was young.  I currently own several myself and enjoy working on and driving them .

  1. 1958 Oldsmobile
  2. 1966 F-85
  3. 1970 Cutlass S 

Another interest of mine is composing and playing music.  I have been in several different local bands throughout my life, but mostly enjoy writing and recording my own songs. I am a moderately accomplished multi-instrumentalist.  Some of the instruments I can play. 

Here is my "band's" website

During my time as a musician, I ended up tackling things such as album design, band logo designs, apparel design, and web design. It was through this experience that I decided I might enjoy a career in that field which is how I ended up in the graphic design program at DCTC.