About Me

My Story

I am originally from Japan and lived there for 26 years. I met my Minnesota-born husband there and decided to move to Minnesota after seeing the beautiful environment and for his better job opportunities. We bought a house (that was designed mostly by me!) in Burnsville and have a boy named Hugo and a cat named Mini.

I have worked in the translation/localization industry for about 10 years as a project manager. Since I speak 3 languages (Japanese, English and Portuguese) and love project-managing (some of my strength are multi-tasking, organizing and planning), it was a great fit. One of my jobs was to work closely with desktop publishers to format the translated documents and to QA those - and I started to love that part more than the linguistic part and was fascinated about the fact that the graphic design is a universal language. The same design is used for (almost) all languages. In 2021, I decided to switch my career and started to study Graphic Design at Dakota County Technical College!

What I Love

Besides my graphic design projects, I love:

This is one of my favorite restaurants: Edelweiss Bakery