All About Me

By Holly Lefebvre

Originally from MN, I moved to CA after highschool to go to college. I started at a Gavilan College (jr college) and then transferred to the University of California, Davis. I graduated with a BA in Communications. I loved UC Davis so much that I only left about 4 months ago when I moved back home to MN to be back around my family.

During undergrad, and after, I worked in the Dept of Campus Recreation for 14 years then in a small research cluster for a little over 4 years. Within that time, I worked in program management, event management, and guest services/building management. All of which have some sort of project management relation, so I consider myself a project manager. I LOVE coordinating people, places, things, etc. I also LOVE purchasing- one of the roles I had in one position was to buy over $80k/yr of supplies and equipment for camps on campus.

Lemme tell ya, I was in hog heaven purchasing those craft (and camp) supplies!! I’m an avid crafter- my repertoire in crafting includes:

But holy cows we’d need another day to list it all. BUT I had to whittle down my supply stash for my move so I’m limited on what I can do for now. And wouldn’t you know it, now I keep finding supplies/equipment I wish I had with me/didn’t realize I would need. If I had to rank the top crafts, they would look like this:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Glasswork
  3. Fiber arts

And of course I play Gardenscapes When I'm not working or attending classes at DCTC.