About Me 


1 will discuss who I am, I am Mike Leonard and i was born in Chestertown Md. I grew up in Md playing sports and having a strong desire to leave. I got My wish in 1994 when I joined the militairy at the age of 19. Heading to Air Force boot camp in Texas. Definately not the best first trip to have alone as an adult. While that first trip was not the best, it would change who I was and the direction of my life. The Air Force would send me to my first duty station, Hickam Afb Hawaii. This is where I met my wife who I have been married to since 1997. She is a very independant women & this enabled me to Volunteer to travel the world. I have been to over 25 difffent countries and I would actually have to count the states I have not been to, their are not too many states left to visit.

Adult Life 

After 20 years in the militairy i retire and took a job with the Veterans administration as the plumber for a new Hospital in Las Vegas. Absolutely loved he job, but my wifes desire to move back to Minnesota, where he was born ws more important. Since moving here in 4 years go i have only been a stdent at DCTC. While bing a student i have completed Vehicle light maintenance and repair, a Welding Certificate, a Brewing Stewardship certificate, a technologies associate degree and currently completing the Graphic design degree. After this I will be completing the photograhy program. After this I have no idea what I will be doing as my next degree.

My Future

Personal goals

Travel Goals 

  1. Vegas
  2. Hawaii
  3. Alaska