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My Story: 21 Miracles


"My parents asked my sister, 5 at the time, what she wanted for christmas, she replied, a baby brother, or sister. My parents tried to explain to my sister, that mom couldn't have any more babies. My sister replied " God will grant me my hearts desire." A couple of weeks later, my parents found out that my mom was pregnant with me.

My parents went to a doctors appointment, and the doctor saw that I had a hole in my diaphragm. The doctors told my mom 3 times to abort me, because I had less than a 10% chance of survival at birth. My mom told the doctors "No! God gave us this baby for a reason"

When I came out of the womb, I was grey and not breathing. The hole in my diaphragm caused all of my organs to flot up, into my chest cavity. This caused another issue, It caused my lungs not to be formed properly. I have half of a lung on my left side, and a full lung on my right. This is called CDH. CDH stands for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

This is one of my favorite websites: Cherubs 



I had another medical condition called Scoliosis. Scoliosis is basically just a curvature of the spine. I had LOTS of doctor appointments whether it was check-ups, x-rays, or making new back braces. The back braces were made out of plaster. I would stand there, and the technician would dip the plaster in a bucket of warm water. The tech would then wrap it around my body. He wrap it from my armpits, to my hips.It would then harden. A couple weeks later, we would come back, and due a test fit.

In May 2017, I had to have a surgery on my back. This was an operation, where they had to insert 2 titanium rods, and do spinal fusion. I was only 12.


Here is a list of the big operations I had to get done!

  1. Spinal Fusion
  2. I had a Gortex patch put over the hole in my diaphragm when I was born
  3. Tracheotomy when I was born

Some of my other operations include:

Overall: 21 sugeries, endless doctors appointmens, and many miracles